Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Impossible Crime.

There remains a further task to complete this project- well, two tasks, actually. One is probably within my means but I'd be happy for someone else to take it on. The other...is pretty big.
The simple one is to make a compilation of of the Flesh Eaters/Divine Horsemen versions of all these tunes, in the same order. No real reason but it would complete and complement these originals. That's a pretty simple job. If anyone wants to do it and email a link I'll happily share it. Otherwise, I'll do it when I can.

The other, bigger, job is to go through all Chris' output and identify all of the (many, many) film references, and then compile as many trailers, stills, lobby cards etc as possible for them. A big ask I know but again if anyone feels up for it, let me know. The material is out there- here's the trailer for "A Better Tomorrow":

And here's the trailer for "Gate Of Flesh", with English subtitles:
It would make a great blog, I think. But until someone writes it...

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